About Us


Mixx is an original brand created by a group of top independent designers and has been established for 3 years. We believe that all young trendsetters should keep exploring and experimenting to find a hip-hop chain that suits their style; just like the impression of "X," "X" represents a kind of exploration of the unknown, which has infinite possibilities. We combine our understanding of hip-hop to design various unique products in the market and constantly update them, hoping to bring more new choices to our customers. 


We believe that young people can experiment with more styles. Still, at the same time, we need to ensure that the cost of experimentation for young people is lower; we don't spend too much on paid advertising to promote our products, and we work with quality manufacturers at the source. This way we can keep our overall costs low and thus offer our customers better prices.


Most of our products are made with 5A+ zircon and 5x gold plating, which are equally sparkle and durable but more affordable than diamonds and pure gold. Because experienced artisans make our zircons, they have better luster and quality. Our chains are also handmade, so they are not easy to fall off. We will never lower the quality of our products and insist on handmade.


Finally, if you want to try different trendy styles of wear, Mixx chain is the best website to meet all your hip-hop chain needs.